Hi, and welcome to my Sims 4 legacy… Quick house keeping, I didn’t read through any of the Sims 4 legacy rules until after starting, so I’m considering this generation Gen 0 when Gen 1 heir takes over they will move to the largest lot and begin with the official rules.
09-04-14_1-22 PM

Meet our Founder, Amanda Gray, her traits are self assured, music lover and outgoing. She has the aspiration of musical genius, giving her the muser trait.
09-04-14_1-23 PM

She makes the most adorable faces.

09-04-14_1-26 PM

She gets a job in the entertainer career.

09-04-14_1-27 PM

See what I mean… So adorable.

09-04-14_1-30 PM

Amanda heads down to the lounge to meet some people and play violin.

09-04-14_1-36 PM

However the lounge is full of elder Sims… But Amanda still makes some friends.

09-04-14_2-11 PM-2

Amanda starts talking to this guy (I’m really bad at remembering Sims name, okay?), but he doesn’t seem interested.

09-04-14_2-14 PM

Amanda tries to flirt, but it doesn’t go well.

09-04-14_2-14 PM-2

But Amanda’s still adorable, so it’s cool.

09-04-14_2-45 PM

Amanda heads out again and tries to make some friends.

09-04-14_2-47 PM

She gets on pretty well with Londyn here.

09-04-14_2-50 PM

Londyn has to leave eventually though so Amanda starts talking to Zest.

09-04-14_2-51 PM

Amanda and Zest start dancing and get along well, so Amanda invites him back home

09-04-14_2-57 PM

They have a nice meal together.

09-04-14_2-58 PM

Amanda tries her hand at flirting.

09-04-14_3-01 PM

I’ve heard talk of relationships being really hard in Sims 4, but Amanda and Zest have no problems.

09-04-14_3-01 PM-2

Maybe they’re just perfect for each other.

09-04-14_3-02 PM-2


09-04-14_3-06 PM

Get a room already.

09-04-14_3-07 PM-2

I can see right down your to Amanda…

09-04-14_3-07 PM-3


09-04-14_3-07 PM-4

Bad picture is bad. And here’s the best picture of Zest I have.

09-04-14_3-10 PM

I just don’t want to take pictures of anyone but Amanda, she’s so adorable.

09-04-14_3-11 PM-2

09-04-14_3-11 PM-3

These pictures are supposed to show their quicky bathroom wedding, but they aren’t very good.

09-04-14_3-51 PM

Amanda is pregnant.

09-04-14_4-26 PM

But she still has to work, so the couple head to the gym to meet people.

09-04-14_4-47 PM

And then head home to have a party to make friends. Zest shows off his awesome dance moves.

09-04-14_6-46 PM

Amanda tries to make at least one meal a day so these two can eat together. Also Amanda has back pains even when she’s sitting.

09-04-14_7-06 PM

Baby time.

09-04-14_7-08 PM














Meet baby Ben Gray, the first baby of the legacy. That baby outfit is so cute.