09-04-14_8-29 PM

Time to kick right off, Ben ages into a child.09-04-14_9-08 PM

Here he is post makeover, except  this  is his party outfit.

09-04-14_9-12 PM

And Amanda and Zest Try for a baby the second Ben ages up. I’m rolling a dice to decide how many kids the heir will have, this will be Amanda’s last child.

09-04-14_9-16 PMBen gets right to his homework. Also, I rolled his traits on the random trait generator he is self assured and got the social butterfly aspiration.

09-04-14_9-20 PM

Cuteness with the giant dinosaur.

09-05-14_1-54 PM

Amanda still tries to cook every morning.

09-05-14_2-01 PM

She can also serenade now with the violin. She quit her job right after Ben was born so she spends her free time on the violin, while  Zest  spends his free time writing jokes on the computer.

09-05-14_2-14 PM

Ben  tries to make some friends (He doesn’t succeed, but the important thing is he tried).09-05-14_2-28 PM

The family was having a nice day when there was some dramatic music.

09-05-14_2-29 PM

My first Sims 4 death, and it’s not even one of my Sims.

09-05-14_2-45 PM

Grim has some rockin’ moves.

09-05-14_2-48 PM

And then he hangs out to chat with Amanda.

09-05-14_4-32 PM

I decided to be nice and set up and little grave area for the lady, before sending Amanda and Zest to the lounge so Zest could perform some comedy acts.

09-05-14_4-44 PM 09-05-14_4-44 PM-2 09-05-14_4-44 PM-4

Apparently my game is experiencing a death epidemic or something that began with the last lady. I have currently witnessed four people dying of old age at the lounge, five old age deaths overall when you add the last lady.

09-05-14_5-15 PM

and on the complete other side of the coin, baby times!

09-05-14_5-20 PM


09-05-14_5-20 PM-2

And Carly. Twins!

09-05-14_6-38 PM

And nothing happens  before they grow up. Carly is outgoing and has the aspiration of artistic prodigy.

09-05-14_6-38 PM-2

And Sam is also outgoing and has the aspiration of rambunctious scamp.