09-06-14_1-04 PM-2
Starting this part with Ben’s birthday again.
09-06-14_1-04 PM-3
Bright lights.
09-06-14_1-17 PM
And here Ben is as a teenager. He never finished his child aspiration, they’re really hard to complete in time. Ben gained the snob trait.
09-06-14_1-20 PM
Ben gets to work on his homework and the twins try to complete their aspirations.
09-06-14_1-40 PM
Zest has a birthday as well.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-2
He tries to blow out the candles.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-3
But fails.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-4
09-06-14_1-40 PM-5
Sparkles, and now he looks exactly the same.
09-06-14_1-41 PM
Amanda’s birthday.
09-06-14_1-42 PM-2
I like that you can use the cakes as many times as you want, it makes multiple birthdays a lot easier.
09-06-14_1-42 PM-5
09-06-14_1-42 PM-6
She looks exactly the same, also she aged into her underwear, and lost all the extra weight she put on for a second, but she gains it all back by the next picture she’s in. Not sure how the weight gain works in this game, because Amanda has put on a lot of weight, but Zest is still stick thin.
09-06-14_1-49 PM
Ben got the Master Chef aspiration, giving him the essence of flavour trait.
09-06-14_2-06 PM
Sam hanging out on the monkey bars. It’s actually really boring, he just sits up there.
09-06-14_2-07 PM
Playing on the Monkey bars is much cuter.
09-06-14_2-22 PM
a Ben trows a party for his aspiration and decides to spend the whole thing talking to Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.
09-06-14_2-36 PM
Amanda maxes the violin skill, and yes, that is Ben flirting with Olivia in the background.
09-06-14_2-39 PM
At first  she doesn’t seem interested.
09-06-14_2-41 PM
But I think her feelings are pretty obvious. Cue adorableness…
09-06-14_2-42 PM

09-06-14_2-43 PM

09-06-14_2-56 PM
First kiss
09-06-14_2-56 PM-3

09-06-14_2-56 PM-4

09-06-14_2-56 PM-5
Now they’re girlfriend and boyfriend.
09-06-14_2-57 PM-2

09-06-14_2-57 PM-3
Exchanging promise rings.
09-06-14_5-42 PM
But Ben and Olivia aren’t the only lovebirds. Cue more adorableness…
09-06-14_5-43 PM-9

09-06-14_5-43 PM-10

09-06-14_5-49 PM
a They even eat together. Also that’s Carly’s art wall in the background.
09-06-14_5-57 PM
The family head to the park. Amanda is working on guitar and Zest needs to get tips from performing his comedy routines.
09-06-14_5-59 PM

09-06-14_6-00 PM
Ben is clearly distracted.
09-06-14_6-48 PM
They head home and Amanda mentors Carly a bit. She only has to do this before she completes her aspiration.

09-06-14_8-10 PM
Family dinner.
09-06-14_9-00 PM

09-06-14_9-03 PM-2
More birthdays.
09-06-14_9-31 PM

Carly gains the music lover trait and Party Animal aspiration, giving her the gregarious trait.

09-06-14_9-32 PM-2





Sam also gets the music lover trait and has the Best Selling Author aspiration, giving him the muser trait.

Neither of them completed their child aspiration… It’s really, really hard to do. And none of the kids got above a C in school. I had them do their homework daily  to keep them from going below a C, but it seems like you have to choose between good grades and the child aspiration…