Short post is short. Last post for Gen 0, next post the family will be moving to the biggest lot and losing all the money the money they’ve earned and will be forced into lawn living.

09-07-14_10-15 AM

I think this is to show that Amanda completed her aspiration… She has the art aspiration now.

09-07-14_2-36 PM

She used some of what she got for the aspiration on a insta-thin potion thing.

09-07-14_2-37 PM 09-07-14_2-37 PM-2

She’s back to her normal self, except not, because now she’s like crazy thin.

09-07-14_10-47 AM-2

And Zest maxed his Comedy skill, or completed his aspiration, maybe both. He has the curator aspiration now.

09-07-14_2-56 PM 09-07-14_2-58 PM

Zest is working on his new aspiration.

09-07-14_10-14 AM 09-07-14_10-14 AM-3

Ben shows off his cooking skills.

09-07-14_10-22 AM-2 09-07-14_10-22 AM-4

And then invites Olivia over for a little flirting.

09-07-14_10-20 AM

There’s an option for teenagers to mess around now.

09-07-14_10-25 AM

Aww, but also kinda creepy, ’cause it’s his parents bed.

09-07-14_11-05 AM

Then Olivia decides to become an adult.

09-07-14_11-19 AM

And Ben starts a garden that doesn’t matter because the family moved right after anyway.

Also Ben is going to be heir… because his aspiration doesn’t make me want to scream, like Carly’s, and he’s already done the first two levels. Plus he has a spouse picked out and ready to marry, and I love him and Olivia too much to not play them.