09-07-14_3-39 PM

Just like I promised the family is now lawn living. They have literally no money, and they got bills the day they moved in, bills they can’t even afford.

09-07-14_3-45 PM

I send Amanda and Zest to out to try and make some money.

09-07-14_3-52 PM

Zest goes hunting for items to get a bit more money.

09-07-14_4-25 PM-2 09-07-14_4-25 PM-3 09-07-14_4-27 PM

And it’s time for Ben’s birthday! He looks exactly the same as before! Yay!

09-07-14_4-50 PM

Olivia moves in. Also this neighborhood… area… thing… is way prettier than the other one.

09-07-14_5-08 PM

She had a family based aspiration, but I decided to change it to gardening, because the family one didn’t really suit her traits. She’s good, loves the outdoors and a goofball, I thought a gardening aspiration would suit her better.

09-07-14_5-10 PM

I love that Sims can kneel down to do their homework instead of just sitting cross legged… Although I would have preferred it if Sam hadn’t taken over a bathroom for hours.

09-07-14_5-12 PM

Olivia whistles when she gardens, so cuute.

09-07-14_8-25 PM

Amanda and Carly don’t seem impressed with the food Ben worked really hard to make, even though it looks incredible. I believe Amanda’s eating gummy bear pancakes, which actually sounds really yummy.

09-08-14_11-50 AM

Playing cards… Carly doesn’t look interested, but the truth is that is just how her mouth is shaped, she just smiles most of the time because of her hat, which makes her flirty pretty much all the time.

09-08-14_12-15 PM 09-08-14_12-19 PM

This bonsai tree thing is really cool, it would be really awesome if you could actually take the tree and use it as decoration/sell it, but I don’t think you can. But it’s still a good way to work on gardening.

09-08-14_2-19 PM 09-08-14_2-20 PM-2

Ben and Olivia are still adorable together. And now that he’s a YA and the legacy heir, he has some very important things to do…

09-08-14_2-21 PM 09-08-14_2-22 PM 09-08-14_2-22 PM-2

Proposal! And of course straight after the proposal is wedding time. I didn’t have Ben and Olivia elope though, I made a special community lot just  for their wedding day… But wedding parties are really expensive, so the wedding was still just the household.

09-08-14_2-35 PM

Ben is clearly very nervous.

09-08-14_2-35 PM-2 09-08-14_2-35 PM-3

Everyone’s excited for the wedding.

09-08-14_2-36 PM

Olivia makes her way down the isle…

09-08-14_2-36 PM-2 09-08-14_2-37 PM 09-08-14_2-38 PM-2 09-08-14_2-38 PM-4 09-08-14_2-39 PM 09-08-14_2-39 PM-2 09-08-14_2-39 PM-3 09-08-14_2-39 PM-5 09-08-14_2-39 PM-6

So adorable! I especially love the exchanging of the rings with the fountain in the background..

09-08-14_2-46 PM 09-08-14_2-47 PM

They are so cute…

09-08-14_2-47 PM-3 09-08-14_2-47 PM-4  09-08-14_2-52 PM 09-08-14_2-52 PM-3 09-08-14_2-52 PM-5 09-08-14_2-53 PM

Ready to start their lives together.