09-09-14_8-08 PM

Weird place to start the part off… But anyway, Zest has been collecting like crazy, the frogs take up a lot of room though…

09-09-14_8-29 PM

Olivia’s garden is getting big, and by big I mean completely unmanageable, if she had a job as well there is no way she could take care of the garden as well.

09-09-14_8-30 PM-2

The culinary career is hard because Ben has to work a lot, he worked every day until he got his first promotion, also it doesn’t pay a lot and unlike the entertainment career there’s no playing or performing for tips. However completing the daily task and promotion objectives have been pretty simple, because Sims have to cook anyway… So Ben has taken up fishing in his spare time, so he doesn’t fish very often.

09-09-14_8-34 PM

Carly had a bad day at school. Since she always looks sad she ends up looking extra sad when she’s in a bad mood.

09-09-14_8-40 PM

Amanda and Olivia bond over cake.

09-09-14_9-35 PM

I bought one of every potion, they give off cool effects.

09-11-14_5-15 PM 09-11-14_5-15 PM-2

The girls decide to spend some time together playing cards. I don’t know what they’re playing… Why are there three decks?

09-11-14_5-20 PM

Olivia’s garden is so hard to handle, especially with her losing fun whenever she gardens that I actually had to buy a heap of potions to keep her happiness up.

09-11-14_5-48 PM

But I eventually decided to switch to a smaller garden. With the way needs drop for pregnant Sims there is no way she could keep up with the bigger garden.

09-11-14_7-14 PM

I got the observatory for Zest since he has nothing to do. He works three days a week and getting all the collectables around the house only takes a few hours.

Him and Amanda decide to test it out, if you know what I mean…

09-11-14_7-16 PM

Amanda had to display and view a heap of paintings for her aspiration, so here is her wall of paintings. I realised later that it would be faster for her to paint smaller paintings instead of bigger ones…

09-11-14_7-17 PM

Don’t know what this picture was for… But Olivia looks really nice in this dress, so I’ll keep it.

09-11-14_7-53 PM09-11-14_7-55 PM

The twins age up Sam is now cheerful and Carly is romantic… They look exactly the same and were promptly kicked out.

09-12-14_1-47 PM 09-12-14_1-47 PM-2 09-12-14_1-47 PM-3

And with Carly and Sam gone it’s finally time to get a move on with generation 2, Olivia is pregnant.

09-12-14_1-53 PM 09-12-14_1-53 PM-2

But I’m a bad person, and got Amanda knocked up too. I just thought it would be cute if they had babies at the same time.

09-12-14_3-19 PM

And we’ll end this part with a new house. I’d show the inside but all the  money the family had went into building the house so it’s no more furnished than the lawn was 10 seconds ago. Right now it’s 3 bedrooms(one for the previous heir and spouse, one fore the current heir and spouse and one nursery), 3 bathrooms (one main and an on suite for each main bedroom). I’m gonna go up a floor when the family has a bit more money.