I really hope these pictures are in order, but the naming system for screenshots Sims 4 is weird and keeps putting pictures out of order…

09-14-14_12-24 PM

I don’t know why this is the first picture, but it’s cute… These two are my favourite couple I’ve had in Sims 4 so far.

09-14-14_12-37 PM

Amanda still continues to dress inappropriately for her pregnancy, despite having four other completely acceptable outfits.

09-17-14_2-06 PM

Olivia’s still  working hard at her garden, which got a bit bigger when she had to graft some plants, which didn’t seem to do much for the actual plants other that rename then to ‘spliced (Insert plant name)’.

09-17-14_2-37 PM

Olivia’s heading off to have her baby in the hospital, which I didn’t know was an option until a couple of days ago, I thought you had to wait for the Sim to have the baby on their own, but apparently not.

09-17-14_2-46 PM

Meet the beginning of generation 2, Max Gray (Confession: I totally forgot his name and had to check my notes).

09-17-14_2-47 PM

Amanda went into labor while at work, but was also really hungry, so I made her eat before going to the hospital. Also, I love the babies being anchored to the crib, because I can just go into build mode whenever Olivia moves rooms and move the baby next to her.

09-17-14_2-51 PM

Here’s Xander Gray (Whose name I did remember on my own). I seriously can’t tell the two kids apart, they don’t even look alike, I just can never remember which ones which. I had to change Max’s crib to pink and Xander’s to blue so I would remember. Pink=Olivia’s baby, Blue=Amanda’s baby.

09-17-14_3-39 PM

Zest got old, he’s still adorable though.

09-17-14_3-42 PM

He decides to give the babies a bit of a show… Okay, I stuck him in there so someone could take care of the babies, because Olivia spends eery moment of her life in the garden or in bed.

09-17-14_3-58 PM

Amanda’s old too… I had to do a lot of work to make her look more age appropriate, the blue eyeshadow does not look as good without the blue  hair.

09-17-14_4-09 PM

I switched Zest with Amanda, because Zest has to go our every day to collect items, and Amanda only leaves the easel for work and to eat (they both have the never weary reward at this point, and I get it for Ben at some point in this post, but I can’t remember when).

09-17-14_4-22 PM

Amanda feeds what I’m pretty sure is her own son, could be her grandson though.

09-17-14_4-28 PM

Not sure what this picture was for, but damn, Olivia has gained no weight since her pregnancy, like at all… The pregnancy weight gain stuff is confusing.

09-17-14_6-06 PM

Creepy… Time for birthdays apparently.

09-17-14_6-06 PM-2 09-17-14_6-13 PM

This one’s Max, I remember because he got Olivia’s hair, and I think he got her skin tone too.

09-17-14_7-10 PM

This one’s Xander, not sure where the hair came from. Also, why did all my gen 1 kids get Zest’s light skin, one of the reasons I had them have another kid was in the hopes of getting one with skin closer to Amanda’s colour… So no cool game.

09-17-14_7-13 PM

Both the boys are have the Whiz Kid aspiration, which they will never complete, because it requires them to do well in school. Also I didn’t randomise Xander, because he’s not an official legacy kid. I chose to make him a genius.

09-18-14_12-25 PM

This picture is to show Ben using the new kitchen, which I redecorated when I realised I could make the cabinets and counters look different… There’s a picture later on.

09-18-14_12-31 PM

Showing off Amanda’s totally appropriate work attire.

09-18-14_12-40 PM

Olivia is with child again. I’m doing the strict equality rule (I just decided this play through) and I only want Olivia to have two kids, so we’re hoping for a girl.

09-18-14_12-42 PM

Amanda reads to her son and grandson, Xander does not seem into it though. Also I forgot Max’s trait, it’s lazy.

09-18-14_12-48 PM

Zest get’s a promotion, and finally a picture which shows just how buff collecting has made him.

09-18-14_1-28 PM 09-18-14_1-32 PM

The garden is way too much for Olivia, so I decided Zest could help… it’s still way too much, I swear he spent a whole day watering plants because every time her was about to finish another lot of plants would dry up.

09-18-14_1-35 PM

The boys play chess together for there aspiration.

09-18-14_1-53 PM

I’ve been slowly decorating the house as the family gets more money, it finally has a second floor with kid and teen rooms, although all the second floor has right now in the way of furniture is two beds and a chess table. I’ve done about half of the house, and from this point on there are pictures scattered through the post of the work I’ve done as I’ve done it.

09-18-14_1-54 PM

This kitchen.

09-18-14_1-54 PM-2

And a little dining area in the kitchen.

09-18-14_1-54 PM-3

A proper dining area.

09-18-14_1-55 PM

The foyer area, potions on the table to the left and a cute painting Amanda did to the right. Also, Hi Xander!

09-18-14_1-55 PM-2

09-18-14_1-55 PM-3

Main bathroom, through one of the doors is the toilet, but that’s boring.

09-18-14_2-03 PM

Zest and Amanda’s walk in wardrobe/study/activity area.

09-18-14_2-04 PM

Ben and Olivia’s walk in wardrobe/study/activity area… The tree thing has been ignored because the garden is  such hard work already.

09-18-14_2-08 PM

Ben has to cook at an event, but Carly does not seem happy to be at the house.

09-18-14_2-35 PM 09-18-14_2-36 PM

Amanda and Zest both retire, neither topped their careers, but Amanda makes more money painting on her own and Zest still gets like 500 a day for his pension, and  someone has to look after the garden (he waters, weeds and sprays for bugs while Olivia fertilizes, harvests and evolves).

09-18-14_2-54 PM 09-18-14_2-55 PM

Oh look, more house shots… Here’s the living room area.

09-18-14_2-55 PM-2

And Ben and Olivia’s room. I’m having Amanda push out as many paintings as she can  before she dies so we have something to decorate with.

09-18-14_3-29 PM

Oh my Plumbbob! Give birth already! This post was only going to be until the boys became children, but it was too short, so I was like “I’ll end it when Olivia gives birth”. And then she took like a week to have the baby.

09-18-14_3-34 PM


09-18-14_3-35 PM

And it’s a girl! Meet Angie Gray, who will probably be heir, unless I get bored and decide to make Olivia have another baby and it’s magically a girl.

And I literally quit right after taking this picture because it took her real life hours to have this freaking baby.