Finally an update! Sorry I took so long, I’ve had the pictures for a while but I got distracted by stuff…

09-20-14_3-19 PM

09-20-14_3-19 PM-2

We kick things straight off with Olivia’s Adult birthday… And, as I’m sure you know by now, she looks exactly the same as before.

09-20-14_3-24 PM

Still gardening… Olivia is so close to completing her aspiration, she just needs like one more excellent plant at this point.

09-20-14_3-48 PM

I decide to give her a bit of a break though, and send her out fishing with Ben. I’ve been trying to have Ben fish in his spare time, but he never seems to catch much.

09-20-14_4-05 PM

The boys finally finish with playing chess for their childhood aspirations they’re never going to complete.

09-20-14_4-27 PM

Ben needs friends for work , so I decide to give him and Olivia a night out.

09-20-14_4-30 PM

Carly is hanging out at the bar, so I have Ben work on his becoming friends with her again.

09-20-14_4-35 PM

And then I notice this smoke… Which I’m pretty sure means that the Grim Reaper was hear. This is why I don’t visit community lots on my game, because someone dies every time I do.

09-22-14_10-10 AM

09-22-14_10-11 AM

Amanda may be old now, but she’s still pretty adorable… Her and Zest are both over halfway to the end of their life bars, they’ll be lucky to see Xander reach his teenage years.

09-22-14_10-44 AM

Don’t know what this pictures for, but Olivia’s being cute in it, so I’ll leave it.

09-22-14_10-44 AM-2

Hmmm… Must have ate something funny. *Cough Cough* Yep, that’s totally what happened.

09-22-14_10-45 AM

Ben grows into an Adult who looks exactly the same as before.

09-22-14_11-47 AM

I’ve almost completely finished decoration the exterior of the house. I put elephants because they’re my favourite animal, the little building in the back is for Amanda and Zests urns when they pass away.


09-22-14_12-08 PM

I think everyone got this already, but Olivia is pregnant again… It didn’t seem right stopping with two kids when there’s only one eligible heir, and therefor no backup for if something happens to Angie.

09-22-14_12-13 PM

I decided to try and focus on school for the boys instead of their aspirations, so Max works on his social skill (and I totally forgot his name again… I am a bad simmer).

09-22-14_12-21 PM

And Xander works on creative, someone has to use the piano.

09-22-14_12-24 PM

Angie grows up.

09-22-14_12-40 PM 09-22-14_12-40 PM-2

And she is so adorable, I love her so much. She’s a goofball like her mum and has the aspiration of artistic prodigy, which isn’t completely impossible. So far all of the kids in the house wear glasses. In fact, so far Amanda and Carly are the only people in this legacy who I haven’t given glasses… Maybe I have a problem.