Generation 1: Part 4

Finally an update! Sorry I took so long, I’ve had the pictures for a while but I got distracted by stuff…

09-20-14_3-19 PM

09-20-14_3-19 PM-2

We kick things straight off with Olivia’s Adult birthday… And, as I’m sure you know by now, she looks exactly the same as before.

09-20-14_3-24 PM

Still gardening… Olivia is so close to completing her aspiration, she just needs like one more excellent plant at this point.

09-20-14_3-48 PM

I decide to give her a bit of a break though, and send her out fishing with Ben. I’ve been trying to have Ben fish in his spare time, but he never seems to catch much.

09-20-14_4-05 PM

The boys finally finish with playing chess for their childhood aspirations they’re never going to complete.

09-20-14_4-27 PM

Ben needs friends for work , so I decide to give him and Olivia a night out.

09-20-14_4-30 PM

Carly is hanging out at the bar, so I have Ben work on his becoming friends with her again.

09-20-14_4-35 PM

And then I notice this smoke… Which I’m pretty sure means that the Grim Reaper was hear. This is why I don’t visit community lots on my game, because someone dies every time I do.

09-22-14_10-10 AM

09-22-14_10-11 AM

Amanda may be old now, but she’s still pretty adorable… Her and Zest are both over halfway to the end of their life bars, they’ll be lucky to see Xander reach his teenage years.

09-22-14_10-44 AM

Don’t know what this pictures for, but Olivia’s being cute in it, so I’ll leave it.

09-22-14_10-44 AM-2

Hmmm… Must have ate something funny. *Cough Cough* Yep, that’s totally what happened.

09-22-14_10-45 AM

Ben grows into an Adult who looks exactly the same as before.

09-22-14_11-47 AM

I’ve almost completely finished decoration the exterior of the house. I put elephants because they’re my favourite animal, the little building in the back is for Amanda and Zests urns when they pass away.


09-22-14_12-08 PM

I think everyone got this already, but Olivia is pregnant again… It didn’t seem right stopping with two kids when there’s only one eligible heir, and therefor no backup for if something happens to Angie.

09-22-14_12-13 PM

I decided to try and focus on school for the boys instead of their aspirations, so Max works on his social skill (and I totally forgot his name again… I am a bad simmer).

09-22-14_12-21 PM

And Xander works on creative, someone has to use the piano.

09-22-14_12-24 PM

Angie grows up.

09-22-14_12-40 PM 09-22-14_12-40 PM-2

And she is so adorable, I love her so much. She’s a goofball like her mum and has the aspiration of artistic prodigy, which isn’t completely impossible. So far all of the kids in the house wear glasses. In fact, so far Amanda and Carly are the only people in this legacy who I haven’t given glasses… Maybe I have a problem.



Generation 1: Part 3

I really hope these pictures are in order, but the naming system for screenshots Sims 4 is weird and keeps putting pictures out of order…

09-14-14_12-24 PM

I don’t know why this is the first picture, but it’s cute… These two are my favourite couple I’ve had in Sims 4 so far.

09-14-14_12-37 PM

Amanda still continues to dress inappropriately for her pregnancy, despite having four other completely acceptable outfits.

09-17-14_2-06 PM

Olivia’s still  working hard at her garden, which got a bit bigger when she had to graft some plants, which didn’t seem to do much for the actual plants other that rename then to ‘spliced (Insert plant name)’.

09-17-14_2-37 PM

Olivia’s heading off to have her baby in the hospital, which I didn’t know was an option until a couple of days ago, I thought you had to wait for the Sim to have the baby on their own, but apparently not.

09-17-14_2-46 PM

Meet the beginning of generation 2, Max Gray (Confession: I totally forgot his name and had to check my notes).

09-17-14_2-47 PM

Amanda went into labor while at work, but was also really hungry, so I made her eat before going to the hospital. Also, I love the babies being anchored to the crib, because I can just go into build mode whenever Olivia moves rooms and move the baby next to her.

09-17-14_2-51 PM

Here’s Xander Gray (Whose name I did remember on my own). I seriously can’t tell the two kids apart, they don’t even look alike, I just can never remember which ones which. I had to change Max’s crib to pink and Xander’s to blue so I would remember. Pink=Olivia’s baby, Blue=Amanda’s baby.

09-17-14_3-39 PM

Zest got old, he’s still adorable though.

09-17-14_3-42 PM

He decides to give the babies a bit of a show… Okay, I stuck him in there so someone could take care of the babies, because Olivia spends eery moment of her life in the garden or in bed.

09-17-14_3-58 PM

Amanda’s old too… I had to do a lot of work to make her look more age appropriate, the blue eyeshadow does not look as good without the blue  hair.

09-17-14_4-09 PM

I switched Zest with Amanda, because Zest has to go our every day to collect items, and Amanda only leaves the easel for work and to eat (they both have the never weary reward at this point, and I get it for Ben at some point in this post, but I can’t remember when).

09-17-14_4-22 PM

Amanda feeds what I’m pretty sure is her own son, could be her grandson though.

09-17-14_4-28 PM

Not sure what this picture was for, but damn, Olivia has gained no weight since her pregnancy, like at all… The pregnancy weight gain stuff is confusing.

09-17-14_6-06 PM

Creepy… Time for birthdays apparently.

09-17-14_6-06 PM-2 09-17-14_6-13 PM

This one’s Max, I remember because he got Olivia’s hair, and I think he got her skin tone too.

09-17-14_7-10 PM

This one’s Xander, not sure where the hair came from. Also, why did all my gen 1 kids get Zest’s light skin, one of the reasons I had them have another kid was in the hopes of getting one with skin closer to Amanda’s colour… So no cool game.

09-17-14_7-13 PM

Both the boys are have the Whiz Kid aspiration, which they will never complete, because it requires them to do well in school. Also I didn’t randomise Xander, because he’s not an official legacy kid. I chose to make him a genius.

09-18-14_12-25 PM

This picture is to show Ben using the new kitchen, which I redecorated when I realised I could make the cabinets and counters look different… There’s a picture later on.

09-18-14_12-31 PM

Showing off Amanda’s totally appropriate work attire.

09-18-14_12-40 PM

Olivia is with child again. I’m doing the strict equality rule (I just decided this play through) and I only want Olivia to have two kids, so we’re hoping for a girl.

09-18-14_12-42 PM

Amanda reads to her son and grandson, Xander does not seem into it though. Also I forgot Max’s trait, it’s lazy.

09-18-14_12-48 PM

Zest get’s a promotion, and finally a picture which shows just how buff collecting has made him.

09-18-14_1-28 PM 09-18-14_1-32 PM

The garden is way too much for Olivia, so I decided Zest could help… it’s still way too much, I swear he spent a whole day watering plants because every time her was about to finish another lot of plants would dry up.

09-18-14_1-35 PM

The boys play chess together for there aspiration.

09-18-14_1-53 PM

I’ve been slowly decorating the house as the family gets more money, it finally has a second floor with kid and teen rooms, although all the second floor has right now in the way of furniture is two beds and a chess table. I’ve done about half of the house, and from this point on there are pictures scattered through the post of the work I’ve done as I’ve done it.

09-18-14_1-54 PM

This kitchen.

09-18-14_1-54 PM-2

And a little dining area in the kitchen.

09-18-14_1-54 PM-3

A proper dining area.

09-18-14_1-55 PM

The foyer area, potions on the table to the left and a cute painting Amanda did to the right. Also, Hi Xander!

09-18-14_1-55 PM-2

09-18-14_1-55 PM-3

Main bathroom, through one of the doors is the toilet, but that’s boring.

09-18-14_2-03 PM

Zest and Amanda’s walk in wardrobe/study/activity area.

09-18-14_2-04 PM

Ben and Olivia’s walk in wardrobe/study/activity area… The tree thing has been ignored because the garden is  such hard work already.

09-18-14_2-08 PM

Ben has to cook at an event, but Carly does not seem happy to be at the house.

09-18-14_2-35 PM 09-18-14_2-36 PM

Amanda and Zest both retire, neither topped their careers, but Amanda makes more money painting on her own and Zest still gets like 500 a day for his pension, and  someone has to look after the garden (he waters, weeds and sprays for bugs while Olivia fertilizes, harvests and evolves).

09-18-14_2-54 PM 09-18-14_2-55 PM

Oh look, more house shots… Here’s the living room area.

09-18-14_2-55 PM-2

And Ben and Olivia’s room. I’m having Amanda push out as many paintings as she can  before she dies so we have something to decorate with.

09-18-14_3-29 PM

Oh my Plumbbob! Give birth already! This post was only going to be until the boys became children, but it was too short, so I was like “I’ll end it when Olivia gives birth”. And then she took like a week to have the baby.

09-18-14_3-34 PM


09-18-14_3-35 PM

And it’s a girl! Meet Angie Gray, who will probably be heir, unless I get bored and decide to make Olivia have another baby and it’s magically a girl.

And I literally quit right after taking this picture because it took her real life hours to have this freaking baby.

Generation 1: Part 2

09-09-14_8-08 PM

Weird place to start the part off… But anyway, Zest has been collecting like crazy, the frogs take up a lot of room though…

09-09-14_8-29 PM

Olivia’s garden is getting big, and by big I mean completely unmanageable, if she had a job as well there is no way she could take care of the garden as well.

09-09-14_8-30 PM-2

The culinary career is hard because Ben has to work a lot, he worked every day until he got his first promotion, also it doesn’t pay a lot and unlike the entertainment career there’s no playing or performing for tips. However completing the daily task and promotion objectives have been pretty simple, because Sims have to cook anyway… So Ben has taken up fishing in his spare time, so he doesn’t fish very often.

09-09-14_8-34 PM

Carly had a bad day at school. Since she always looks sad she ends up looking extra sad when she’s in a bad mood.

09-09-14_8-40 PM

Amanda and Olivia bond over cake.

09-09-14_9-35 PM

I bought one of every potion, they give off cool effects.

09-11-14_5-15 PM 09-11-14_5-15 PM-2

The girls decide to spend some time together playing cards. I don’t know what they’re playing… Why are there three decks?

09-11-14_5-20 PM

Olivia’s garden is so hard to handle, especially with her losing fun whenever she gardens that I actually had to buy a heap of potions to keep her happiness up.

09-11-14_5-48 PM

But I eventually decided to switch to a smaller garden. With the way needs drop for pregnant Sims there is no way she could keep up with the bigger garden.

09-11-14_7-14 PM

I got the observatory for Zest since he has nothing to do. He works three days a week and getting all the collectables around the house only takes a few hours.

Him and Amanda decide to test it out, if you know what I mean…

09-11-14_7-16 PM

Amanda had to display and view a heap of paintings for her aspiration, so here is her wall of paintings. I realised later that it would be faster for her to paint smaller paintings instead of bigger ones…

09-11-14_7-17 PM

Don’t know what this picture was for… But Olivia looks really nice in this dress, so I’ll keep it.

09-11-14_7-53 PM09-11-14_7-55 PM

The twins age up Sam is now cheerful and Carly is romantic… They look exactly the same and were promptly kicked out.

09-12-14_1-47 PM 09-12-14_1-47 PM-2 09-12-14_1-47 PM-3

And with Carly and Sam gone it’s finally time to get a move on with generation 2, Olivia is pregnant.

09-12-14_1-53 PM 09-12-14_1-53 PM-2

But I’m a bad person, and got Amanda knocked up too. I just thought it would be cute if they had babies at the same time.

09-12-14_3-19 PM

And we’ll end this part with a new house. I’d show the inside but all the  money the family had went into building the house so it’s no more furnished than the lawn was 10 seconds ago. Right now it’s 3 bedrooms(one for the previous heir and spouse, one fore the current heir and spouse and one nursery), 3 bathrooms (one main and an on suite for each main bedroom). I’m gonna go up a floor when the family has a bit more money.

Generation 1: Part 1


09-07-14_3-39 PM

Just like I promised the family is now lawn living. They have literally no money, and they got bills the day they moved in, bills they can’t even afford.

09-07-14_3-45 PM

I send Amanda and Zest to out to try and make some money.

09-07-14_3-52 PM

Zest goes hunting for items to get a bit more money.

09-07-14_4-25 PM-2 09-07-14_4-25 PM-3 09-07-14_4-27 PM

And it’s time for Ben’s birthday! He looks exactly the same as before! Yay!

09-07-14_4-50 PM

Olivia moves in. Also this neighborhood… area… thing… is way prettier than the other one.

09-07-14_5-08 PM

She had a family based aspiration, but I decided to change it to gardening, because the family one didn’t really suit her traits. She’s good, loves the outdoors and a goofball, I thought a gardening aspiration would suit her better.

09-07-14_5-10 PM

I love that Sims can kneel down to do their homework instead of just sitting cross legged… Although I would have preferred it if Sam hadn’t taken over a bathroom for hours.

09-07-14_5-12 PM

Olivia whistles when she gardens, so cuute.

09-07-14_8-25 PM

Amanda and Carly don’t seem impressed with the food Ben worked really hard to make, even though it looks incredible. I believe Amanda’s eating gummy bear pancakes, which actually sounds really yummy.

09-08-14_11-50 AM

Playing cards… Carly doesn’t look interested, but the truth is that is just how her mouth is shaped, she just smiles most of the time because of her hat, which makes her flirty pretty much all the time.

09-08-14_12-15 PM 09-08-14_12-19 PM

This bonsai tree thing is really cool, it would be really awesome if you could actually take the tree and use it as decoration/sell it, but I don’t think you can. But it’s still a good way to work on gardening.

09-08-14_2-19 PM 09-08-14_2-20 PM-2

Ben and Olivia are still adorable together. And now that he’s a YA and the legacy heir, he has some very important things to do…

09-08-14_2-21 PM 09-08-14_2-22 PM 09-08-14_2-22 PM-2

Proposal! And of course straight after the proposal is wedding time. I didn’t have Ben and Olivia elope though, I made a special community lot just  for their wedding day… But wedding parties are really expensive, so the wedding was still just the household.

09-08-14_2-35 PM

Ben is clearly very nervous.

09-08-14_2-35 PM-2 09-08-14_2-35 PM-3

Everyone’s excited for the wedding.

09-08-14_2-36 PM

Olivia makes her way down the isle…

09-08-14_2-36 PM-2 09-08-14_2-37 PM 09-08-14_2-38 PM-2 09-08-14_2-38 PM-4 09-08-14_2-39 PM 09-08-14_2-39 PM-2 09-08-14_2-39 PM-3 09-08-14_2-39 PM-5 09-08-14_2-39 PM-6

So adorable! I especially love the exchanging of the rings with the fountain in the background..

09-08-14_2-46 PM 09-08-14_2-47 PM

They are so cute…

09-08-14_2-47 PM-3 09-08-14_2-47 PM-4  09-08-14_2-52 PM 09-08-14_2-52 PM-3 09-08-14_2-52 PM-5 09-08-14_2-53 PM

Ready to start their lives together.

Generation 0: Part 4

Short post is short. Last post for Gen 0, next post the family will be moving to the biggest lot and losing all the money the money they’ve earned and will be forced into lawn living.

09-07-14_10-15 AM

I think this is to show that Amanda completed her aspiration… She has the art aspiration now.

09-07-14_2-36 PM

She used some of what she got for the aspiration on a insta-thin potion thing.

09-07-14_2-37 PM 09-07-14_2-37 PM-2

She’s back to her normal self, except not, because now she’s like crazy thin.

09-07-14_10-47 AM-2

And Zest maxed his Comedy skill, or completed his aspiration, maybe both. He has the curator aspiration now.

09-07-14_2-56 PM 09-07-14_2-58 PM

Zest is working on his new aspiration.

09-07-14_10-14 AM 09-07-14_10-14 AM-3

Ben shows off his cooking skills.

09-07-14_10-22 AM-2 09-07-14_10-22 AM-4

And then invites Olivia over for a little flirting.

09-07-14_10-20 AM

There’s an option for teenagers to mess around now.

09-07-14_10-25 AM

Aww, but also kinda creepy, ’cause it’s his parents bed.

09-07-14_11-05 AM

Then Olivia decides to become an adult.

09-07-14_11-19 AM

And Ben starts a garden that doesn’t matter because the family moved right after anyway.

Also Ben is going to be heir… because his aspiration doesn’t make me want to scream, like Carly’s, and he’s already done the first two levels. Plus he has a spouse picked out and ready to marry, and I love him and Olivia too much to not play them.

Generation 0: Part 3

09-06-14_1-04 PM-2
Starting this part with Ben’s birthday again.
09-06-14_1-04 PM-3
Bright lights.
09-06-14_1-17 PM
And here Ben is as a teenager. He never finished his child aspiration, they’re really hard to complete in time. Ben gained the snob trait.
09-06-14_1-20 PM
Ben gets to work on his homework and the twins try to complete their aspirations.
09-06-14_1-40 PM
Zest has a birthday as well.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-2
He tries to blow out the candles.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-3
But fails.
09-06-14_1-40 PM-4
09-06-14_1-40 PM-5
Sparkles, and now he looks exactly the same.
09-06-14_1-41 PM
Amanda’s birthday.
09-06-14_1-42 PM-2
I like that you can use the cakes as many times as you want, it makes multiple birthdays a lot easier.
09-06-14_1-42 PM-5
09-06-14_1-42 PM-6
She looks exactly the same, also she aged into her underwear, and lost all the extra weight she put on for a second, but she gains it all back by the next picture she’s in. Not sure how the weight gain works in this game, because Amanda has put on a lot of weight, but Zest is still stick thin.
09-06-14_1-49 PM
Ben got the Master Chef aspiration, giving him the essence of flavour trait.
09-06-14_2-06 PM
Sam hanging out on the monkey bars. It’s actually really boring, he just sits up there.
09-06-14_2-07 PM
Playing on the Monkey bars is much cuter.
09-06-14_2-22 PM
a Ben trows a party for his aspiration and decides to spend the whole thing talking to Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis.
09-06-14_2-36 PM
Amanda maxes the violin skill, and yes, that is Ben flirting with Olivia in the background.
09-06-14_2-39 PM
At first  she doesn’t seem interested.
09-06-14_2-41 PM
But I think her feelings are pretty obvious. Cue adorableness…
09-06-14_2-42 PM

09-06-14_2-43 PM

09-06-14_2-56 PM
First kiss
09-06-14_2-56 PM-3

09-06-14_2-56 PM-4

09-06-14_2-56 PM-5
Now they’re girlfriend and boyfriend.
09-06-14_2-57 PM-2

09-06-14_2-57 PM-3
Exchanging promise rings.
09-06-14_5-42 PM
But Ben and Olivia aren’t the only lovebirds. Cue more adorableness…
09-06-14_5-43 PM-9

09-06-14_5-43 PM-10

09-06-14_5-49 PM
a They even eat together. Also that’s Carly’s art wall in the background.
09-06-14_5-57 PM
The family head to the park. Amanda is working on guitar and Zest needs to get tips from performing his comedy routines.
09-06-14_5-59 PM

09-06-14_6-00 PM
Ben is clearly distracted.
09-06-14_6-48 PM
They head home and Amanda mentors Carly a bit. She only has to do this before she completes her aspiration.

09-06-14_8-10 PM
Family dinner.
09-06-14_9-00 PM

09-06-14_9-03 PM-2
More birthdays.
09-06-14_9-31 PM

Carly gains the music lover trait and Party Animal aspiration, giving her the gregarious trait.

09-06-14_9-32 PM-2





Sam also gets the music lover trait and has the Best Selling Author aspiration, giving him the muser trait.

Neither of them completed their child aspiration… It’s really, really hard to do. And none of the kids got above a C in school. I had them do their homework daily  to keep them from going below a C, but it seems like you have to choose between good grades and the child aspiration…

Generation 0: Part 2

09-04-14_8-29 PM

Time to kick right off, Ben ages into a child.09-04-14_9-08 PM

Here he is post makeover, except  this  is his party outfit.

09-04-14_9-12 PM

And Amanda and Zest Try for a baby the second Ben ages up. I’m rolling a dice to decide how many kids the heir will have, this will be Amanda’s last child.

09-04-14_9-16 PMBen gets right to his homework. Also, I rolled his traits on the random trait generator he is self assured and got the social butterfly aspiration.

09-04-14_9-20 PM

Cuteness with the giant dinosaur.

09-05-14_1-54 PM

Amanda still tries to cook every morning.

09-05-14_2-01 PM

She can also serenade now with the violin. She quit her job right after Ben was born so she spends her free time on the violin, while  Zest  spends his free time writing jokes on the computer.

09-05-14_2-14 PM

Ben  tries to make some friends (He doesn’t succeed, but the important thing is he tried).09-05-14_2-28 PM

The family was having a nice day when there was some dramatic music.

09-05-14_2-29 PM

My first Sims 4 death, and it’s not even one of my Sims.

09-05-14_2-45 PM

Grim has some rockin’ moves.

09-05-14_2-48 PM

And then he hangs out to chat with Amanda.

09-05-14_4-32 PM

I decided to be nice and set up and little grave area for the lady, before sending Amanda and Zest to the lounge so Zest could perform some comedy acts.

09-05-14_4-44 PM 09-05-14_4-44 PM-2 09-05-14_4-44 PM-4

Apparently my game is experiencing a death epidemic or something that began with the last lady. I have currently witnessed four people dying of old age at the lounge, five old age deaths overall when you add the last lady.

09-05-14_5-15 PM

and on the complete other side of the coin, baby times!

09-05-14_5-20 PM


09-05-14_5-20 PM-2

And Carly. Twins!

09-05-14_6-38 PM

And nothing happens  before they grow up. Carly is outgoing and has the aspiration of artistic prodigy.

09-05-14_6-38 PM-2

And Sam is also outgoing and has the aspiration of rambunctious scamp.

Generation 0: Part 1

Hi, and welcome to my Sims 4 legacy… Quick house keeping, I didn’t read through any of the Sims 4 legacy rules until after starting, so I’m considering this generation Gen 0 when Gen 1 heir takes over they will move to the largest lot and begin with the official rules.
09-04-14_1-22 PM

Meet our Founder, Amanda Gray, her traits are self assured, music lover and outgoing. She has the aspiration of musical genius, giving her the muser trait.
09-04-14_1-23 PM

She makes the most adorable faces.

09-04-14_1-26 PM

She gets a job in the entertainer career.

09-04-14_1-27 PM

See what I mean… So adorable.

09-04-14_1-30 PM

Amanda heads down to the lounge to meet some people and play violin.

09-04-14_1-36 PM

However the lounge is full of elder Sims… But Amanda still makes some friends.

09-04-14_2-11 PM-2

Amanda starts talking to this guy (I’m really bad at remembering Sims name, okay?), but he doesn’t seem interested.

09-04-14_2-14 PM

Amanda tries to flirt, but it doesn’t go well.

09-04-14_2-14 PM-2

But Amanda’s still adorable, so it’s cool.

09-04-14_2-45 PM

Amanda heads out again and tries to make some friends.

09-04-14_2-47 PM

She gets on pretty well with Londyn here.

09-04-14_2-50 PM

Londyn has to leave eventually though so Amanda starts talking to Zest.

09-04-14_2-51 PM

Amanda and Zest start dancing and get along well, so Amanda invites him back home

09-04-14_2-57 PM

They have a nice meal together.

09-04-14_2-58 PM

Amanda tries her hand at flirting.

09-04-14_3-01 PM

I’ve heard talk of relationships being really hard in Sims 4, but Amanda and Zest have no problems.

09-04-14_3-01 PM-2

Maybe they’re just perfect for each other.

09-04-14_3-02 PM-2


09-04-14_3-06 PM

Get a room already.

09-04-14_3-07 PM-2

I can see right down your to Amanda…

09-04-14_3-07 PM-3


09-04-14_3-07 PM-4

Bad picture is bad. And here’s the best picture of Zest I have.

09-04-14_3-10 PM

I just don’t want to take pictures of anyone but Amanda, she’s so adorable.

09-04-14_3-11 PM-2

09-04-14_3-11 PM-3

These pictures are supposed to show their quicky bathroom wedding, but they aren’t very good.

09-04-14_3-51 PM

Amanda is pregnant.

09-04-14_4-26 PM

But she still has to work, so the couple head to the gym to meet people.

09-04-14_4-47 PM

And then head home to have a party to make friends. Zest shows off his awesome dance moves.

09-04-14_6-46 PM

Amanda tries to make at least one meal a day so these two can eat together. Also Amanda has back pains even when she’s sitting.

09-04-14_7-06 PM

Baby time.

09-04-14_7-08 PM














Meet baby Ben Gray, the first baby of the legacy. That baby outfit is so cute.